Nicoletta by Denton Smith Nicoletta by Amron Yuwonon

My career as a San Francisco based freelance photographer began in 1975 as an intern to Crawford Barton, who was then the staff photographer for Advocate Magazine. I also worked in Harvey Milk's camera store in the heart of the burgeoning lesbian gay bisexual transgender mecca in the Castro district and I was also involved in Milk's victorious election to public office as one of the first openly gay elected officials in the world. Crawford and Harvey and many others along the way instilled in me a great love of photography as a tool for recording history in the making. My photographic work maps my enduring romance with San Francisco and its's people, especially the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities.

After I opened my studio in 1990, I began a series of portraits of acquaintances and celebrities from the LGBT community. The studio became a vibrant crossroads for the community during the ten years my doors were open. During those years my emphasis on portraiture took root. I became intrigued by what occurs when the sitter's environment is minimized in a studio context where collaborators simply rely upon what the sitter is wearing and the nuances of expression and body language to distill a mutual sense of purpose. It is a privilege and a joy to be the conduit for those moments when a sitter's soul reveals itself for all to see in a photograph.

My work has been featured in numerous books, periodicals, films and collections. In the press section you will find a resume and a biographical statement, press clippings and web links with articles about my work... enjoy!